Phonic Classes

Phonic Learning Program for Young Learners

Our Phonic Learning Program is applying the “Jolly Phonic” which is an international well known program from UK. As it is a throughout foundation for reading and writing, the children can learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words. It uses the synthetic phonic methods of leaning the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multisensory.

Young children learn particularly quickly when there is activity involved. By doing an action for each letter sound, the children are using body movement, ears, eyes and speech to help them remember. This multi-sensory approach is very effective way of learning for the children. There should be an early concentration on learning the letter sounds.

The whole program has been divided into the following 5 basic skills,

  1. Leaning the letter sounds
  2. Learning letter formation
  3. Blending-for reading
  4. Identifying the sounds in Words-for writing
  5. Tricky Words-irregular words

Children will learn with seven activity books with lots of fun!!

Please join us!!