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Ring Bell

Ring Bell and Stick Bell This bells are easy grasped size for children.

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Castanet Natural wood

Castanet Natural wood castanet can be tapped, clapped, shaken. Children’s favorite!!!

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Glockenspiels Moveable keys give children easy for making beautiful sound like pentatonic tune.

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Rhythm Stick

Rhythm Stick Natural wood Rhythm Sticks can be tapped, rolled, rubbed, hammered, and manipulated in many fun ways!

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Guiro, Learning short & long sound. This effect is obtained by varying the duration & length of the stroke. Small size guiros are easy to handle for the young children.

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Two Toned Wood Block

Two Toned Wood Block, clear hollow sounds in two district pitches for perfect ``chip-chop`` sounds.

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Egg Shaker

Egg Shaker, ideal for children of all ages to experience the best of songs.

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Ring Bell

Ring Bell and Stick Bell This bells are easy grasped size for children.

Fit Club “Healthy Life for Everyone”

Yoga is the greatest way to keep fit during pregnancy, to align your body optimally for healthy carriage and delivery of the baby, to provide breathing and relaxation techniques to use during pregnancy and labor and reduce discomfort in upper and lower back that sometimes accompanies carrying a baby (before and after pregnancy).

is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. Improve Balance, Strength and Flexibility in relaxing atmosphere.

Moving into stillness in order to experience your true nature is the primary theme of yoga simply everything about you – every thought, feeling, and emotion, as well as every aspect of your behavior is predicated on the way you feel about yourself.

is a series of gentle movements improving the flowof internal energy wihtin the body. It can bring about, stress reduction, improved balance between mind and body, and many other health benefits.

Educating the whole child through yoga -provides children with an exciting new way to explore and appreciate their academic and creative potential. Children learn invaluable skills that set the groundwork for meeting challenges and growing strong physically, mentally and emotionally, cultivating self-esteem for a lifetime of successful achievement.

is the style of Martial Arts, whose techniques are graceful and precise, rather than utilizing brute force and abrupt movement. it will teach self-discipline, esteem, coordination, defense, control, respect, focus and a positive attitude.

works so well for a wide range of people. Athletes and Dancers love it, as do seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy, and people who at various stages of physical rehabilitation. The Top Benefits doing of Pilates exercise is becoming stronger, longer, leaner, and more able to do anything with grace and ease.


Q: Why Yoga for Pregnancy?

A: More importantly for the new-born, the yoga techniques assist in bringing into the world a child less inhibited by stress and potential illness. Yoga has well developed tools that make natural birthing more probable as compared to administered c-sections. Yoga aspects and techniques should help to make your pregnancy a more “Joyful” experience. Yoga exercises are also a great help in facilitating a gentle and uncomplicated delivery.

Deep Relaxation Yoga is particularly effective during pregnancy for physical and mental relaxation as well as for childbirth preparation. More importantly, in the early weeks after birth when sleep is of poor quality or broken often, Yoga practice is one of the ways of resting to restore the body and mind.

Yoga can help during pregnancy by:

Improving posture
Giving ‘time-out’ from a busy life to spend with your baby
Helping women feel more confident with breathing for labor and birth
Facilitating a more gentle, uncomplicated birth experience
Relaxing the mind and aiding sleep
Helping with pregnancy ailments such as swollen ankles
Increasing flexibility

Family Fit Club’s Yoga for Pregnancy classes are gentle and suitable for beginners who have never done yoga before. If you have specific ailments, please check with your midwife or GP that yoga will be suitable for you.

Kangaroo Book Club Mini Libraryi Library

Membership is open for all Do-Re-Mi Family Club Members, also known as, Kids Garden Members and Marina Residents. Members can borrow one book for the period of two weeks at Kangaroo Book Club with below agreements.

  • US$ 20 deposit per person is required when you register as a Kangaroo Book Club Member. This will be refunded when the member withdraws from the Kangaroo Book Club.
  • Register as a Kangaroo Book Club member. All the children must register with the consent of a parent of guardian, who is responsible for books borrowed by the child.
  • The child member should be accompanied with a parent or caregiver when he/she borrows and returns the book.
  • The book must be returned within 2 weeks. We may extend one more week at the Club counter. We will not accept the request of extension by telephone. Without proper extension procedure, there will be overdue charge of FEC/$ 1 per week.
  • In case of damage or loss of the book, the Kangaroo Book Club will request the cost of replacing or repairing of the book plus US$ 10 processing fees.

Do-Re-Mi Birthday Party

Do-Re-Mi Birthday Party provides lots of fun and interactive experience for children and adults alike. We will consult you with regard to suitable theme tailored specially for your child. There will be circle dances, story time, instruments exploration, instrument play-along, singing, creative movements and lots more activities to give everyone a delightful time! Unlike normal birthday parties, Do-Re-Mi Birthday Parties are designed not only to entertain, but to educate as well. If your child loves her Do-Re-Mi Classes, she will love this even more! We even have a Birthday GIFT for the birthday child!

What service do we provide?

One hour Birthday Party directed by 2 Instructors from Do-Re-Mi Family Club.
A Gift for the birthday child.
Treats and prizes are provided for the games.
Art and craft materials are inclusive.
Transportation fees are inclusive (Only Yangon-City).


How to book?

Call us at least 2 weeks in advance for fixing the date and program. (Advance payment of 50% is needed at your booking)

Our Phonic learning Program

Our Phonic learning Program is applying the “Jolly Phonics” which is an international well known program from UK.

Learning to read and write fluently are vital skills for children. With our phonics program, the children can be taken from recognizing the sounds of English, to blending sounds to read words, and to identifying the sounds in words (phonological awareness) so they can become good spellers.

(Call us for more information and reservation.)