Do-Re-Mi Family Club Newsletter 2019

 Volume 11, Issue 5

Good Memories Help Our Children Self-esteem

I have found a very interesting video clip about a baby girl stopped her crying immediately when her father started taking pictures of her. She stopped because she does not want her father to record her crying face in her father’s hand-phone and what more is that she does not even want to watch it later. That is our natural habit of wanting only the best/happy memory of ourselves.
Some researches show that putting up the family children’s photos on the wall helps building up our children high self-esteem, especially, the photos of their achievements. Everyone loves to be praised for his/her effort even now and then. For children, it motivates them in every way. Nowadays, it is very easy to take photos in our daily life. Why not taking this chance using updated technology to help building our children’s self esteem by taking photos and putting up on the wall?
The most important thing is that our children should feel the unconditional LOVE we have for him/her. We are very pleased to share our photos at our receptions table and on our Facebook page. Please find your child photos and put on your wall at your home for their musical journey with us at Do-Re-Mi.
Happy parenting!

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Do-Re-Mi Family Club

Kids Garden at Marina Residence. No.8, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.

Wonderland Classes News (18mths ~ 3yrs)

April News:
April was filled with fun in the class and out of the classroom. Our Do Re Mi water festival at our play ground, we enjoyed making and eating Mont Lone Ye Paw while playing water with friends and family. It was a very first time for most of our class children and we believe Wonderland families enjoyed our Water Festival.
Since we have just started the new term with many new comers, everyone is trying very hard to settle in their classes. We are very grateful and appreciate your support during the classes. Thank you all!

What Wonderland will learn in May;

The Theme: Vehicles!

Art and Craft: Racing car, Rocket, Traffic Light, Train and Hot Air Balloon!

Story: Learning about different kinds of vehicles and how the colors of the traffic light work through this interesting story time.

Music: We will focus on steady beat and the different kind of vehicles sound. Also, lots of dances for body & spatial awareness and imagination.


Ms. Yu

Kinderland Junior Class News (3yrs~4yrs)

April News:
Our children were very much looking forward to celebrate Thingyan at our Do-Re-Mi Water Play. We believe that you all had a great time at our exciting nd fun water festival.
Since April was the beginning of the term, Junior teachers and kids have been helping the new Junior comers to be relaxed and comfortable at our Kinderland environment. We are sure they will be settling in very soon.


What Junior will learn in May;

Theme: Vehicles!

Learning Focus: Taking care of my belongings!
We will continue this learning focus from last month.

Art and Craft: Rocking submarine with paper plate, Making boat by handprints and road with their initial

Cooking: Spaghetti with Veggies, Fruit Salad, Vegetables Soup with Chicken balls, Fruity Yoghurt with Cornflakes and Mashed Potato.

Music: Playing memory game through the song called “We’re Musical Family” and many creative movement songs related to the title.


Ms. Dimple



Kinderland Senior Class News ( 4yrs ~ 5yrs)

April News:

We would like to thank all the parents and really appreciate for your participation at our water
festival. All the kids enjoyed throwing water, making and eating sticky Mont Lone Yay Paw with their friends and family.
They have also learnt about earth and the other planets through the stories and art and craft activities. We are practicing songs and drama play for our upcoming “Graduation Ceremony”. Our new senior comers are trying to settle in our class and they enthusiastically participate in our graduation performances

What Senior will learn in May;

The Theme: My Neighborhood (Jobs and People)

Learning Focus: Helping each other

Art and Craft: My Future drawing, our neighborhood map, painted paper collage and etc.

Cooking: Fruit yogurt, Fish porridge, Lime juice, Vegetable soup and Tuna sandwich.

Music: Practicing drama play “ The Bremen Town Musicians”, singing songs, acting and playing instruments.


Photo Gallery