Doremi Family Club Library

Membership is open for all Do-Re-Mi Family Club Members, also known as, Kids Garden Members and Marina Residents. Members can borrow one book for the period of two weeks at Kangaroo Book Club with below agreements.

  • ¬†Deposit per person is required when you register as a Kangaroo Book Club Member. This will be refunded when the member withdraws from the Kangaroo Book Club.
  • Register as a Kangaroo Book Club member. All the children must register with the consent of a parent or guardian, who is responsible for books borrowed by the child.
  • The child member should be accompanied with a parent or caregiver when he/she borrows and returns the book.
  • The book must be returned within 2 weeks. We may extend one more week at the Club counter. We will not accept the request of extension by telephone. Without proper extension procedure, there will be overdue charge of per week.
  • In case of damage or loss of the book, the Kangaroo Book Club will request the cost of replacing or repairing of the book plus processing fees.