Doremiland Class (18mths-3yrs old with caregiver in the class)

Doremiland Class

Doremiland is a combination of Music & Movement Class with Kids Fitness or Art & Craft or Cooking which is filled with excitement, fun education with friendly teachers at our warm environment.

Kids Fitness

We offer well-designed physical exercise program which is based on Japan Child Physical Association Curriculum to help children’s total development, as well as nerve system and brain development. It includes, Basic Movement, Ball exercise, Gymnastic Exercise using various props such as Mat exercise, Iron bar, Horse box, Balance Beam and etc….

Our flexible age appropriate curriculum offers not only for their physical benefits but also for their mental and spiritual well-being. Under 3 years old classes with parents promote strong bonding between parents-child relationships and make a learning life more meaningful.

Art and Craft

Our early year Art & Craft class stress-free activities mainly focus on Bilateral Coordination and Fine Motor Coordination. Crafts such as coloring, drawing and cutting will let your child to use both of their hands together. Drawing shapes, cut patterns and scribbling will enhance their motor coordination.

Making creative crafts which needs drying encourage our children to learn about patience and self control as these require waiting for some time to have a good outcome of their handcrafted objects. Most importantly, your child will surely love spending time with you and creating something together!!!

Cooking Time

Our Doremiland Cooking Activity is all about fun, connection, and exploration while focusing on children’s language development- learning new words, talking each other and listening to the teachers’ instructions. Also physical skills- fine motor development especially doing the tasks such as holding a spoon, mixing, shaking, pouring, rolling or cutting. Our fun filled group cooking time helps develop Emotional and Social Intelligence by sharing and taking turn, enjoying the time together with friends and family.